You’ll fall for Bergen’s ‘Fine Romance’

Despite her patrician good looks, Swiss boarding school upbringing, Beverly Hills credentials and hefty collection of shiny Emmys, she’s a regular woman who’s hauling around the usual overflowing cartload of guilt, insecurities, disappointments and embarrassments.

In A Fine Romance (***1/2 out of four), her second stunningly candid autobiographical work (the first,Knock Wood, chronicled her early years), she describes life from her 30s — when she met and married the much-older French director Louis Malle — to current-day adventures and misadventures. With nearly every page you can almost see her, shoulders squared, eyes leveled directly at yours, taking a deep breath and letting loose with details and confessions most of us share with only our very closest girlfriends (and only after we’ve had two — or five — too many glasses of wine).

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