Why Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s romance angers, confuses his fans

They were the paparazzi shots heard ‘round the world, or at the very least, ‘round Twitter and Tumblr.  On June 15, British tabloid The Sun tweeted a shot of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston kissing on the beach near Swift’s Rhode Island home.

News of this sort was bound to cause waves in the realm of gossip and celebrity romance. It was a new couple, featuring Swift, famous for writing songs about her exes and fresh off a breakup with Calvin Harris.

“Hiddleswift” was born on those rocks in Rhode Island, and it’s become a monster in the weeks since.

But what, exactly, about this romance, about this pairing of famous people, caused a furor that rumors that Hiddleston was dating Elizabeth Olsen did not? Why did Swift and Harris’ relationship not launch thousands of tweets instantly? Why does no one question the authenticity of a snap of Hiddleston’s Marvel co-star Chris Evans with comedian Jenny Slate?

Because, to put it simply, Tom Hiddleston used to be the Internet’s boyfriend. And now he’s Taylor Swift’s. And as Taylor knows, breakups are hard.

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