Why Sofia Vergara Relying On Latina Stereotypes For Laughs Is So Damaging

If you’re not going to be a part of the solution, don’t be a part of the problem.

I used to love Sofía Vergara. I was proud to call her a fellow Colombian immigrant. I thought she was a positive representation of my country during a time when most Americans seemed to think it was synonymous with cocaine and Pablo Escobar.

I loved that she was beautiful and charming but didn’t take herself too seriously ― a combination that’s made her a darling in the entertainment industry. Her shrewd business sense and ability to juggle numerous endorsement deals, merchandise lines and the Hispanic talent management company, Latin WE have made her the highest paid actress on television for five consecutive years.

Vergara is a self-made businesswoman who has built a profitable and impressive empire. She is well beyond needing to rely on Latina stereotypes for a laugh ― which is why it’s so frustrating to watch her step on screen (or on a revolving Emmy platform) and continually make herself the butt of the joke.

Unfortunately, she did little to change those tendencies at Sunday night’s Golden Globes. While on stage, she made the “mistake” of saying anal instead of annual. She then jokingly corrected herself by saying “anus” before ending the bit she later told Instagram followers she came up with backstage.

Sure, the crowd laughed. Perhaps I would have too if it weren’t for how often she makes her accent the punchline.

A quick search on YouTube of Vergara will surely bring you to a clip of her making a dig at her thick accent. It’s become normal that she and others make fun of the fact that she pronounces things like the name of her favorite football team or Covergirl’s tagline differently.

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