Who Might Linda Cardellini and Julie Delpy Be Playing In ‘Age of Ultron’?

Last night, /Film noticed something pretty unusual in a press release for the ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron‘ world premiere — that both Linda Cardellini (“Freaks and Geeks”) and two-time Oscar nominee Julie Delpy (“Before Sunset”) are listed as attending. That’s a bit odd, considering that every other actor on that list is IN the movie. Hmmmmm. So very iiiinteresting.

Disney did confirm that the list was not misprinted but wouldn’t comment beyond that, and obviously neither of the two actresses will probably say anything — when Cardellini stopped by MTV News to talk about her Netflix series “Bloodlines” the other day, she told us she was “pretty great at keeping secrets.” Heck, she wouldn’t even tell us HOW she keeps secrets. “I can’t give it away, that’s my secret,” she said. “I can’t give away how I keep a secret.”

Maybe she’s so good at it because… she’s been keeping a giant Marvel-related one from us for EVER?

So who might Delpy and Cardellini play in this movie? It’s pretty much anyone’s guess at this point — but WE’RE everyone, so let’s speculate wildly using some of our favorite Marvel Comics characters!

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