Which Member Of Fifth Harmony Admits To Wearing Sweatpants To School?

Would you EVER believe that any of the beautiful, always groomed to the nines Fifth Harmonyladies have laid a finger on a pair of sweatpants, let alone worn them to school? Well, it’s true.


We caught up with Ally, Camila, Normani, Dinah, and Lauren on the set of their brand new Candie’s campaign shoot—which is timed and themed for back-to-school. In between flashbulbs, the ladies dished about what they used to wear to school and some helpful first-day-back outfit advice. Take notes, Harmonizers!

It’s pretty incredible that 5H is only getting tapped for a fashion campaign now, since they each have their own individual styles and can appeal to a range of girls, but hey, better now than never, right?

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