What you should know about J.Lo’s sister Lynda

Jennifer Lopez may be a global music superstar, but her younger sister Lynda Lopez has quite the impressive entertainment career of her own. Born on June 14, 1971 in New York, Lynda began her career in broadcasting, and later took on larger roles. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard much about Lynda before — here’s your crash course on everything you should know about Jennifer’s baby sis.

She’s an award-winning journalist
shes-an-emmy-award-winning-journalistWhile her older sister was busy building her musical empire, Lopez was focused on growing her career as a journalist. Starting in the late ’90s and running through the early 2000s, Lopez worked alongside Kane and Rebecca Rankin as a VJ on VH1. Reporting on all things music, she even interviewed her sister Jennifer in 2000 about her childhood, career and rise to fame.

At the same time she appeared on VH1, Lopez was working as an on-air reporter for the WB 11 Morning News, which aired on WPIX. There too she focused on entertainment news and, in 2001, she and her colleagues (including the show’s producers, news director and fellow anchors) took home the award for Outstanding Single Morning News Program at the 44th annual New York Emmy Awards.

She’s a single mom and Jennifer’s source of parenting inspiration
introLopez welcomed her first child, a daughter named Lucie Wren Lopez-Goldfried, into the world on August 28, 2008 with her then-boyfriend, Adam Goldfried. The couple eventually split and Lopez became a single mom. When that happened, she turned into a major source of parenting inspiration for her older sister.

Jennifer, who became a mama to twins in February of that same year, told Cosmopolitan (via Us Weekly) in 2013, “I just love and respect her so much. I always ask, ‘Do you need anything? And she’s like, ‘I’m good.’ But I know she’s exhausted. She’s a single mom but not like I’m a single mom,” Jennifer continued, letting the world know just how much respect she has for her younger sister. “I have a lot of help — she doesn’t.”

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