What Is Up With Alicia Vikander’s Butterfly Clip in ‘Jason Bourne’?

Jason Bourne was a bit slow, its only tension artificially pumped in with car chases that lasted longer than most relationships. But I’m no hater. Au contraire. I’m a Bourne Franchise stan who stood in line grinning like an 8-year-old, $12 clutched in my sweaty palm, only to sit in that theater for two whole hours trying so hard to find something to care about—and finding satisfaction in the unlikely place of Alicia Vikander’s butterfly hair clip.

It was a truly remarkable thing to behold, as if a condor had alighted at the junction of Alicia Vikander’s exquisitely shaped skull and neck. It was such an odd style choice. Here she was in her minimalist corporate chic clothing and no-make-up makeup, and it just was so endlessly surprising that this was all topped off by what shall hereafter be referred to as The Clip.

Her outfit said “I am a rising star in the CIA,” but her hair said “I’m studying for finals at Bennington in 1997.”

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