What Happened to Emma Stone, The Original Swiftie?

Once upon a time, there were two beautiful princesses. One raven-haired, one with locks of blonde. The princesses both lived (and worked) in a magical land called Hollywood, but they were never rivals; instead, they each reigned over their own kingdoms of film and music, respectively.When the princesses weren’t hanging out in their castles, hosting private listening parties of upcoming albums and testing out cookie recipes, they ventured out into the kingdom to attend movie premieres and wave to their admirers from behind velvet ropes. When they wanted to keep things low key and forget about all the responsibility that comes with being a princess, they went out for ice cream.

But slowly, over time, the two princesses began to grow apart. There were a great many suitors, and royal duties, and even new princesses to befriend, all of which got in the way. They’ve lived happily ever after, of course; so happily, in fact, that most of the members of the kingdom plum forgot they even used to be BFFs.

But not E! News. We’re here to remind everyone of the princesses’ friendship, and most importantly, to figure out where it all went astray. For this is the investigation of Taylor Swift and Emma Stone.To understand, let’s go back to the very beginning. It all started at the Young Hollywood Awards in 2008, where they met for the very first time. This is a day that will go down in history, mostly because most people still don’t know what exactly transpired at this party. Folklore has it that, while photographed together, the friendship didn’t really kick off until they started emailing back-and-forth after the awards. It all exploded from there.

Suddenly, Stone and Swift (Stift? Taystone?) were all the rage in the world of celebrity besties. This relationship truly pre-dated the idea of the squad (especially the Taylor Swift squad, the concept of which didn’t fully form until the 1989 tour), but it was clear that fans and the press regarded them as such. They were constantly chased by paparazzi, and every joint outing was hailed as total #friendshipgoals, again before the trend even existed.

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