Watch Michelle Obama rock out with Missy Elliott in Carpool Karaoke

On Wednesday night, James Corden brought the instant-viral-hit-machine that is Carpool Karaoke to Washington, DC, to do some singing with Michelle Obama.

The first lady, who is cooler than you or I will ever be, started things off with Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” — an auspicious choice, as it turns out. “Did you know,” Obama asked, “that Stevie Wonder’s my favorite?”

From there it was on to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies,” on which, Obama confirmed, they dropped the mic. “We were in the Beyhive making honey,” Corden said.

“We were making honey for our lemonade!” said Obama, because even extremely cool first ladies make bad mom jokes.

The next number caused Obama to yell, “This is my song!” but she meant it literally. It was Obama’s own “This Is For My Girls,” the song she commissioned from a whole slew of pop stars to raise money for Obama’s Let Girls Learn campaign. As political charity singles go, it has a pretty catchy hook, and it got things livened up considerably when Missy Elliott popped up from the back seat (where … she had been lurking … all along? I guess?) to do the rap break.

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