Watch: ’50 Shades’ star Dornan revealed

Jamie Dornan is a little bit less of a mystery now that we see him tap-dancing by himself between takes on the Fifty Shades of Grey set.

Or making goofy faces into an onset monitor.

This Fifty Shades behind-the-scenes extra (part of the May 8 Blu-Ray release) shows a very different side of Dornan, the 32-year-old actor who portrays supremely serious billionaire Christian Grey.

Director Sam Taylor-Johnson points out that Dornan is a “perfectly-pitched” Grey, partly for his “elegance.”

“But he also brings exactly what Christian is, that slight one step removed in mystery,” says Taylor-Johnson.

Dornan does humanize himself with some behind-the-scenes antics and outright laughter. He’s self-deprecating when he points out that he didn’t jump at the Grey part of the kinky billionaire.

“I didn’t immediately think, ‘Oh ya that’s me. I’m the guy,” says Grey.

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