Vin Diesel Can’t Stop Hitting On Brazilian Journalist…

The actor was totally oblivious to Carol Moreira’s discomfort.

During a recent press junket at the Comic Con Experience 2016 in Brazil, Vin Diesel gave what might be 2016’s most cringeworthy interview.

The actor sat down with Brazilian journalist Carol Moreira to promote his upcoming film “xXx: Return of Xander Cage.” However, the only thing he seemed to want to talk about was Moreira’s appearance, making her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Moreira uploaded the interview to YouTube Wednesday, adding a short commentary to the clip in which she said she “did not like” what took place, according to Gossip Cop. Moreira explained that she was excited to meet with Diesel but didn’t know how to react to his advances, so she kept laughing. She also explained that she was upset he kept interrupting her.

During the interview, Diesel was extremely distracted with Moreira’s looks, stopping the conversation on multiple occasions to comment on her appearance.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” he said (around the 4:49 mark in the video), before motioning to members of the crew off-camera. “My God, she’s so beautiful, man. Am I right or wrong? Look at her. How am I supposed to do this interview? Look at this woman. She’s so beautiful. Talk to me, baby!”

Moreira tried her best to get the interview back on track, laughing off the remarks though it was clear she was uncomfortable.

When she tried to keep the conversation going, Diesel went on, totally oblivious to her discomfort: “Tell me your story! Let’s get outta here,” he said. “Let’s go, let’s go have lunch. My God, I love her. Look how beautiful she is. God, wow, man.”

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