This Photo Of Kristen Bell Crying At Her Wedding Is Just Too Much

Dax Shepard is in it, too.

Kristen Bell is great. Dax Shepard is great. Together, they’re fabulous.

Proof of that fact is in this new photo from their 2013 wedding ceremony, which Bell posted as a throwback on Instagram Thursday.

“#tbt to when I cried at our wedding and @daxshepard thought it was really funny,” Bell wrote alongside the photo.

The longtime couple, who have two daughters together, tied the knot at the Beverly Hills courthouse three years ago. The no-frills ceremony (the bride wore black!) only cost them $142.

“Friends of ours came to the courthouse, and it was just Kristen and I at this lonely courthouse, so they brought us this cake afterwards,” Shepard told Jimmy Kimmel. “‘The World’s Worst Wedding.’ How many people can say they threw ‘The World’s Worst Wedding’?”

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