This Liss Video Is Spreading All the Good “Vibrations”

Back in 2016, Liss made a case for the appeal of Danish pop. The four-piece made a strong debut with their First EP on XL Recordings, but quickly went quiet without much of an explanation. Three years later, Highsnobiety is premiering the music video for “Vibrations,” the final single off their Second EP. The full project is out now and available on streaming services.

“I guess the song is about letting go in a way, stepping out of your comfort zone,” Søren Holm told us in an email. “Or like spending the night with a person you never thought you would be with.”

After you watch the video, scroll down for our Q&A with the Liss frontman to learn more about what the band has going on these days.

What have you all been up to since First came out back in 2016?

We’ve been lucky to work with some really great and inspiring people like Vera, Rodaidh McDonald, Rostam, Tic, Luke Smith and Yangze since we started out. We learned so much from them so the last couple of years has been about putting ourselves in a place we’re we are able to do it all on our own.

What has been going on in your lives?

After the release of our First EP I dealt with some heavy anxiety and depression. At its peak I was in a state where my body and mind didn’t function. I couldn’t sleep and I had to take some serious time out. I ended up in a psychiatric facility for 3 weeks and then an extend period where I had to recover and get better. When I returned the rest of the guys had been super busy – they had built us a studio in the old harbour area of Copenhagen – and we’ve been in there nonstop ever since-things are good now.

In what ways have you all grown since the hiatus?

We are together all the time more or less and being a collective, listening to each other is probably in the area were we’ve grown the most.

How is the music video an extension of the message you’re conveying through the song? What’s going on in this video?

It was really important for us to show the people we love and trust-our friends. In the video you see different people in their homes or safe space and then we follow them getting ready to go out in to the unpredictable world. Albert who directed the video is a big fan of Jørgen Leths and Godard movies from the sixties so that was definitely an inspiration.

How do you go about maintaining good vibrations in your own lives?

Hang out with good friends, make music, and get a good night’s sleep.

What do you do when you’re in a situation where the vibes are overtly bad?

It’s a bit of a cliche maybe, but I like to sit it out and rather talk it out when things are more calm… Or get those emotions out through a song later.

What is the narrative behind the Second EP? (Did you have a specific theme in mind? What are your intentions with this work?)

Mostly the lyrics are about life-my friends and my everyday surroundings. I get inspiration from the people I’m close to the most. I’m trying to write something that people can relate to and maybe awake some deeper feelings. I like to listen to emotional stuff myself.

Can you talk me through the creative process that went into this EP? Did anything change in comparison to when you made First?

We only let one person in when making these songs and that was Yangze. He is an artist we’re really good friends with and who inspires us all. The music starts with playing the songs on keys, drums, guitar and bass and then we take it to the studio pull it apart and reassemble.

How are you all feeling about the upcoming release of this new project?

Getting this one out feels pretty mind-blowing, but honestly we’re already thinking about the next one for the fall. Also playing the music live as band meeting the people who listen to the music is something were especially looking forward to.

Has your outlook on the music industry shifted at all since you initially entered the scene?

We try not to think about that side of things to much. The music industry is very small here-so everyone kind of knows each other. You can go to the same event or concert and meet very different musicians and artists who don’t make the same kind of music as yourself and still relate, I dont know if thats something new, but its definitely inspiring that the walls between musical worlds dont feel as strong as in the past.

What’s next for Liss?

Well since we been away for a minute we have written A LOT of music, so hopefully there won’t be a gap for thee years again haha-lookout for that fall.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Keep rocking in the free world <3

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