The singer tells us how she stays fit during Carrie Underwood’s Calia launch party on Tuesday night.

There’s never a shortage of workout options in L.A. (will it be barre, spin or pilates today?), so when it comes to working on her fitness, Christina Milian is all about exercising outside.

“Anything outdoors, but I like to hike. I usually go to Runyon Canyon,” the singer told Pret-a-Reporter during the launch party for Carrie Underwood‘s new fitness line, Calia, at SoHo House on Tuesday night. “I know it’s going to keep my heart rate going up and down. I’m going to get what I need accomplished. I know the amount of time it’s going to take.”

So, how does Milian stay motivated with her everyday fitness? “Oh man, I need motivation all the time — I’m the wrong person to ask,” she laughed before continuing, “You just gotta wake up one day and say you’re going to do it.” Get a friend that can go with you because chances are you can force each other to go.”

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