There’s Totally Going To Be More ‘Gilmore Girls’ Episodes, Right?

You heard those last four words …

As if your newsfeed and Netflix account haven’t been inundated with enough “Gilmore Girls,” prepare yourself for Round 2.

Warning: Major spoilers for “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” below!

On the heels of those four little words Rory utters at the ends of the series (which basically leaves a black-hole-sized opening for the actors to return), the stars of “Gilmore Girls” have all essentially hinted they would be coming back to your TV and computer screens at some point.

“You know the final four words, what do you think?!” Lauren Graham said to E! at the “Gilmore Girls” premiere, alluding to Rory’s pregnancy and all the storylines that could come from that.

Kelly Bishop, who plays Emily Gilmore, also envisioned a trip back to Stars Hollow for her own character, whom she assumed won’t be totally fulfilled living out her years in Nantucket.

And even though Alexis Bledel said there were “no plans” to return to the series for a third time, she suggested the right story (hint: the birth of her child?!) could bring the cast back together.

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