The Walking Dead: Subtle Detail That Might Be Very Important For Eugene

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 11 follow.

In the Hostiles and Calamities episode of The Walking Dead on Sunday night, Eugene Porter was escorted around Negan’s Sanctuary and treated like a king, of sorts. However, he had to be introduced to the community and their methods and rules shortly after arrival.

While being escorted around the common area of the Sanctuary, Eugene heard all about the points system and how the regular people of the community “eat like s—” while the good stuff is saved for the higher ranking members. During the tour, though, a subtle detail was hidden in Eugene’s observations which might turn out to be more important.

Eugene saw a red headed kid stealing bread from one of the stations within the Sanctuary. No one else seemed to notice but Eugene gave a glare in the kid’s direction, ultimately opting not to say anything about what he had witnessed.

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