The ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival Just Lost Its Most Important Player

That “Twin Peaks” show you like is coming back — but right now, it’s missing some very important style points.

Showtime’s plan to revive the legendary TV show for a third season remains in effect, but without the man responsible for killing Laura Palmer. No, not [IDENTITY OF LAURA’S KILLER REACTED BECAUSE IT’S A HUGE TWIST AND WE’RE NOT SPOILING IT, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS DECADES AGO]. We’re talking about someone even more important: David Lynch, the show’s creator.

There were rumblings of creative disagreements between Lynch and Showtime over the past few weeks, and over the weekend, those rumblings spilled out of Lynch’s fingertips and onto Twitter:

Perhaps Lynch is flexing his muscles in public, enacting a clever plan straight out of the Agent Cooper playbook to bring Showtime to his side. Or maybe he really has abandoned the project.

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