‘The Rock’ shares grisly finger injury

Celebrity fingers are having a moment — a bad moment.

First, it was Jimmy Fallon, Monday night on The Tonight Show, sharing the gruesome details of how he nearly lost his ring finger in an awkward fall in his kitchen.

Fallon had to undergo hours of microsurgery and spend 10 days in a hospital ICU to recover.

Ouch, indeed.


Less than 24 hours later, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had posted a video on his Instagram page showing what happened after a “little accident” on set of his latest movie, Central Intelligence.

The director had rushed up to him, asking anxiously, “Are you bleeding?!”

Cue the camera pan down his arm to his right hand — with his ring finger grotesquely out of joint. Yikes!

But no sweat for The Rock, who scoffs and grins as the camera pans back up to his face.

“Bleedin’? I ain’t got time to bleed!” he boasts. “All right, let’s pop that (sucker) back in!”

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