The Land Before Time 14 Trailer Was Just Released

Everyone who grew up with Star Wars is currently going nuts over “The Force Awakens” but the trailer of something a little warmer, cuter, and more tear-jerking was also just released. On the Universal Pictures Youtube page, the trailer for “The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave” was released yesterday.

Sure, the mere mention of Land Before Time immediately brings to mind Littlefoot and how we all bawled our eyes out with the vicious murder of his mother by the evil T-Rex. But did you know that “Journey of the Brave” is actually the 14th installment in this series? Yeah, for real! Since its release in 1988 and its first sequel in 1994, The Land Before Time makers have painstakingly created installment after installment of the movie practically every year.

We know what you are thinking. How in the world could something so dear to everyone have 14 installments without anyone noticing? The quick answer is distribution. The movies were not released on the big screen and instead was available in home video only. All 13 sequels were released in this format, Cinema Blend reported.
The Land Before Time 14 Trailer Was Just Released.1
Unless some of you had kids during this time period, you probably had zero clue that Land Before Time is one of the strongest and most enduring titles today. “Journey of the Brave” reveals that Littlefoot and the gang are on a quest to save Littlefoot’s father.

The journey is Lord of the Rings-ish since the destination is a devilish volcano and the good guys are sure to encounter strange and unusual characters on the way. Of course, this all happens in an animated format and is made for kids but the trailer even mentions that a new song by Reba McEntire is part of the movie.


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