The Intensely Private World of Janet Jackson…

Janet Jackson has performed her greatest trick yet.

The last time the pop star was fully present in the spotlight, she was gearing up to go on tour. It was June, 2015, and the concerts she had teased earlier that spring were just made official.

It was to be called the Unbreakable World Tour, and it touted a much-anticipated new album, the first since 2008’s Discipline. The fans were ready and waiting—in fact, they were more than ready. One of pop music’s most prolific artists, Jackson had been cranking out hits for decades, but had been noticeably pulling back as of late. It’s her right, of course, but it just made the prospect of Unbreakable, and the 36 stadium shows, that much more exciting.

Then, cut to less than a year later, and the concert was postponed to an as-yet-undecided date. In other realms of Hollywood, this could be the start of a tragic story—but instead, it seems that Janet has finally received the happy ending she’s deserved. The world tour waiting game may seem tragic to fans, but Jackson has much bigger and better things going on right now.

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