The ‘Game of Thrones’ Night King Spiral Mystery Has Officially Been Solved

There are a lot of fan theories currently flying around ahead of these final episodes of Game of Thrones, especially in the wake of many long-running ones proving to be true like Jon’s true parentage and claim to the throne. One mystery that reappeared last week was of the White Walker’s spiral symbol, this time a series of limbs with an undead child stuck in the middle, and the entire thing was set on fire by Berric’s sword in one of the most terrifying moments of the show in quite a while.

We have seen this spiral symbol, and one or two others, before. Many times, in fact. The White Walkers have made symbols out of bodies previously, and we have seen the spiral in a key flashback, the one where the Children of the Forest sacrificed a man in some sort of pagan ritual at a tree, a man who became a White Walker. Around the tree was the spiral pattern, made up of stones.

But there is no more need to theorize, and we have arrived at an actual answer for this question. I’m not just talking about a really good fan idea that sounds correct, I’m talking about the guy who wrote the premiere and put the flaming spiral in it explaining outright what it means. Here’s Game of Thrones premiere writer Dave Hill talking to the New York Post when asked the question:

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