‘The Flash’ recap: The fastest man alive, no longer

Spoiler alert! The following contains spoilers for Tuesday night’s episode of The Flash.

After last week’s comedy hour, The Flash gets grim with the most terrifying villain we’ve had on this show to date. Barry is dealt a (literal) crippling defeat, and Zoom establishes himself as more than just Reverse Flash 2.0 with a gripping action sequence at the end of the episode that caught us all by surprise after the somewhat silly training montage that Linda Park stumbles through.

In “Enter Zoom,” the sixth episode of the second season, Team Flash sets off on one of the dumbest ideas of their lives, deciding to use Linda Park to bait Zoom into fighting the Flash. While most of the episode involves shenanigans over cheesy scripted dialogue and cardboard cutouts, Barry’s inner turmoil over having manipulated by Harrison Wells even after his death endangers everyone else. And for some reason Iris — who has been doing so well as the emotional center of the team up until now — is his number one supporter for this haphazard trap.

After a quick cold open of Barry being seemingly defeated by Doctor Light, we flash back to 72 hours earlier where Barry is negotiating with Light in the pipeline prison to help them trap Zoom. Caitlyn is skeptical of the plan, arguing that Barry is unprepared, but Harrison 2.0 ropes in Cisco to create a weapon to slow down Zoom. Joe goes along with the plan if only to find out what Harrison 2.0 is hiding, asking Cisco to “vibe” his secrets.

In a flash sideways to Earth-2, Harrison argues ethics with his daughter Jesse, who reprimands him for not owning up to his experiment causing the meta-human emergence. But they don’t have a chance to reconcile, as Harrison soon sees a news report that Jesse’s college was attacked by Zoom and Jesse was taken hostage.


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