The Best Fantasy and Sci-Fi Shows on Amazon Prime Right Now

In the mood for a series that takes you to new worlds and impossible destinations? Sounds like it’s time for some sci-fi or fantasy. Because when you need to get away, sometimes a little genre storytelling is just the ticket it. After all, if you want to get away, you might as well go all the way to space.

If you’re looking for something streaming right now, we’ve got you covered with the best fantasy/sci-fi TV shows on Amazon Prime Video right now. Looking for some hard science fiction space opera? Check out The Expanse. Time travel more your style? Check out Doctor Who, or The Man in the High Castle for some alt-history horrors. Vampires, clones, superheroes and space sagas — whatever you’re in the mood for, we’ve got a recommendation below. Or heck, if you want the kitchen sink, just go ahead and watch American Horror Story.

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