The 6 reasons why Iggy Azalea cancelled her tour

With all the news about Iggy Azalea’s engagement to boyfriend Nick Young, we almost forgot about that huge North American tour she just cancelled!

In the wake of her exciting engagement news, Iggy spoke to Seventeen Monday about her decision to cancel the tour.

Tempering the rumors that creative differences and behind-the-scenes drama led to the tour’s cancellation, Azalea explained that the decision was more about her personal growth as an artist. (And let’s be real — if there was actually drama with her management, she’d be the last one to admit it!)

Here’s why we won’t be seeing Iggy on the road this summer:

  1. It’s Too Much of a Time Commitment.
  2. She’s Exhausted.
  3. She’s ready for a New Direction.
  4. She’s Sick of Performing the Same Songs.
  5. She Couldn’t Find The Right Openers.
  6. .She’s engaged!

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