The 5 Biggest Revelations from The X-Files Premiere

Mulder and Scully’s pursuit for the truth is officially back out there!

The first half of The X-Files’ two-night premiere aired on Sunday, bringing back to life the paranormal activities from the series initial 1993–2002 run.

From alien mythology to government conspiracies, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson’s Mulder and Scully are reunited to tackle the planets most inexplicable cases.

For those who have not watched Sunday’s X-Files premiere, there will be spoilers ahead. For all who have, read on for the five biggest revelations from the premiere episode.

1. Alien DNA

Fans of the series will remember Scully’s season 2 abduction and later pregnancy. While the back story of both were always suspicious, Scully finally has proof that aligns with the series greater conspiracy – there is alien DNA in her body.

While sequencing the genome of Sveta, a woman supposedly abducted and impregnated with alien babies by the government, Scully also discovers her own DNA disparities.

The moment finally moves the skeptic to join Mulder on the governmental warpath: “We have to stop these sons of bitches,” she declares.


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