The 15 Most Beautiful Oscar Movies Ever

Best Picture, Cinematography, and Art Direction winners

Not very often is the film that the Academy deems the Best Picture also the year’s most beautiful Oscar Movies . In fact, in the 87-year history of the awards, only 15 have won Best Cinematography and Best Production Design in addition to the top prize. See the most beautiful films, ahead.

15. ‘Gigi’
The 15 Most Beautiful Oscar Movies Ever.1
Released near the end of MGM’s run of grand musicals, the Vincente Minnelli-directed film indulges in all of the trappings of the era. The reds are redder. The blues bluer. The extra-wide CinemaScope allows for as many ornate furniture pieces to be crammed into the frame as possible.

14. Titanic
The 15 Most Beautiful Oscar Movies Ever.2.1
The love story between Jack and Rose took them from the opulence of first class steerage to the harsh reality of third class and finally to the icy waters of the north Atlantic. In James Cameron’s mega-hit, each setting is distinctive, believable, and stunning in its level of detail.


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