Thank you, Donna Hill, for 25 years of romance

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In the ’90s when the New York romance industry coined the term multicultural romance, Donna Hill was one of the pioneering voices who helped diversify the landscape. From the beginning, her work stood out with a richness and fearlessness to tackle real-life issues. She wrote from the heart sending out her characters with messages of hope, optimism and love through their pain and the strength of overcoming the odds. Donna’s career span is notable and impressive with three books adapted to TV movies; a plethora of awards, such as the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award, the first recipient of The Trailblazer Award, The Zora Neale Hurston Literary Award; and as a community advocate. Here’s to a wonderful 25 years: May your accomplishments continue to flourish.


Some days it feels as if I’m just starting out on this writing journey. I stare at the blank page, walk away, come back and stare some more and wonder what I could possibly write that will matter. Then there are other days when my confidence soars. “I can write anything. I’m wonderful and talented.

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