Tess Gerritsen’s ‘Playing With Fire’ is compelling story

“When you look at her, what do you see?”

“She’s my daughter.  Of course I think she’s perfect in every way.  But…”


My throat chokes to a whisper.  “I’m afraid of her now.”

Playing With Fire Imagine if you were home alone and your three-year-old daughter violently attacked you.

Julia doesn’t understand what is happening to her daughter, but she thinks she knows what’s causing it. She is terrified for Lily, and for herself, but what scares her more is that no one believes her.

If she is going to help Lily, she will have to find the answers alone, embarking on a search that will take her half way around the world, to Venice.

There, Julia uncovers a heart breaking, long buried tale of tragedy and devastation – a discovery that puts her in serious danger. Some people will do anything in their power to

keep the truth silent . . . whatever the cost.


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