Taylor Swift’s ‘downfall’: what the online celebrations really say

RIP Taylor Swift: buried by Kim Kardashian West on 18 July. Or so those gleefully celebrating the supposed downfall of megastar Swift want the obituary to go.

Many hundreds of thousands people seem to have been waiting for this moment for years: Swift’s pedestal has begun to crumble beneath her feat. The unstoppable force of her success combined with her image management has met – with a thundering crash – the immoveable object that is the Kardashian publicity-generating machine.

On Monday Kardashian West published video of Swift seeming to approve Kanye West’s controversial Famous lyric – an approval Swift’s camp has been forcefully denying. But even before that, Swift’s star was already under siege.

The above are real critiques in real news articles and commentary pieces, published by reputable news outlets. The predictable backlash that has been brewing against Swift for a couple of years is finally reaching crescendo.

It was only a matter of time before the talented, successful, unapologetic, in-control young woman was fodder for critics, reduced to comparisons to “annoying” Anne Hathaway and almost-annoying Jennifer Lawrence (notice it’s never men who are annoying?), “Mean Girls gone wild”, and the hashtags #taylorswiftisoverparty and #KimExposedTaylorParty.

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