Taylor Swift doesn’t regret her teenage years — and why should she?

Taylor Swift’s the cover girl in the June issue of Elle, and she tells interviewer Tavi Gevinson she doesn’t regret her years as a teenage star and the decisions she made then.

Taylor Swift doesn't regret her teenage years and why should she

“I feel no need to burn down the house I built by hand,” Swift said when Gevinson noted that she hadn’t gone through the “train-wreck cycle” that is part of so many young stars’ career arcs. “I can make additions to it. I can redecorate. But I built this. And so I’m not going to sit there and say, ‘Oh, I wish I hadn’t had corkscrew-curly hair and worn cowboy boots and sundresses to awards shows when I was 17; I wish I hadn’t gone through that fairy-tale phase where I just wanted to wear princess dresses to awards shows every single time.’ Because I made those choices. I did that.”

Swift says those choices were part of her growing-up process. More importantly, she was the one driving the decisions, not some committee of record-company executives.

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