Stephen Colbert Takes Down Trump Over Damage Done To America And Hobbits

“You gotta give the guy credit. He can really get a lot of stuff undone.”

Just like in “The Hobbit” when Bilbo Baggins returned from his adventures and found his relatives auctioning his possessions, Stephen Colbert was equally surprised at what he found in his first show since the Trump administration.

“You ever regret going on vacation?” said Colbert.

In a lengthy takedown, Colbert assessed all the damage caused by Donald Trump in his first week in office.

“You gotta give the guy credit. He can really get a lot of stuff undone. From Obamacare to climate change to torture, he’s already moved the country back to 2004. If this keeps up, pretty soon I’m gonna launch ‘The Colbert Report,’” said “The Late Show” host.

Colbert also took on the Trump’s executive order severely restricting entry into the U.S. for refugees and travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries, which has led to numerous outrageous incidents, including a 5-year-old Iranian boy being detained and kept from his mother for hours.

“Or as Kellyanne Conway calls it, ‘alternative daycare,’” said Colbert.

The final straw happened when Colbert addressed comments from Steve Bannon, who was placed on the National Security Council.

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