Speedy Ortiz Kicks Apathy’s Butt With Pop Music

Over the last odd 20 years, it’s been a constant refrain: Where’s OUR Nirvana? Where’s OUR Kurt Cobain? Well, dudes, hate to break it you — you ain’t gonna get one. At least according to Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz, whose new record Foil Deeryou should probably be pumping if you’re yenning for Nevermind and whatnot.

Yup, the ones making noise nowadays — you know, of the melodic variety — are undoubtedly going to be the ones who lack a voice, which is why Dupuis has infused her band’s newest record with themes of feminism, embracing bossiness and just general badassery. Oh, and it’s also why she and her bandmates have decided — for the second time — to give the proceeds from their music to causes that trumpet that Black Lives Matter.

After pushing “buy,” check out our interview with Dupuis below and consider just purchasing Speedy’s entire catalogue. Your ears and social conscious will thank you.

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