Sophia Bush, Kate Walsh and Constance Zimmer… Their Wedding

The perks of star power.

Actresses Sophia Bush, Kate Walsh and Constance Zimmerhave put their celebrity to good use, as they’ve all taken to their social media profiles to help get Gus and Jessie to their altar in Seattle.

The pair, who met on Tinder in 2015, were making their way by car from Los Angeles to the Pacific Northwest for their upcoming nuptials when their Jeep broke down and the attached trailer they were using to haul their wedding necessities up the coast began to make its way over a cliff.

Gus and Jessie were able to save their trailer, but found themselves stranded.

With the remainder of their adventure at jeopardy, the couple looked to social media for help, posting an S.O.S. on Instagram, which caught the attention of Bush, who the couple said “called upon several car rental auto companies.”

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