Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Design To Be Changed Following Criticism

The internet, you might have heard, did not love Sonic’s recently revealed design for the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog movie. Now, thank the furry, blue heavens, it’s going to change.

Today, director Jeff Fowler responded to all the criticism on Twitter.

“The message is loud and clear,” he said. “You aren’t happy with the design & you want changes. It’s going to happen. Everyone at Paramount & Sega are fully committed to making this character the BEST he can be.”

As for what that’ll entail, it’s impossible to say. Fans have come up with their own redesigns. Perhaps those will be used as inspiration. Or maybe the filmmakers will just rocket off in their own direction again. Regardless of how they choose to approach it, they’ll likely have a lot of CG to redo before the movie’s release in November. Here’s hoping the studio finds a way to parcel out that labor reasonably instead of working a bunch of people to the bone.

For now, all I can offer is the following piece of advice: less human mouths, not more. Please, for the love of god, not more.

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