Sneak peek: Tom Cruise wings new ‘Mission’

Normal airline passenger boarding isn’t good enough for Tom Cruise anymore. Cruise just wings it as he steps back into the role of superspy Ethan Hunt inMission: Impossible — Rogue Nation.

“I’ve often sat on airplanes, looked out and thought, ‘What it would be like out there on the wing?’ ” says Cruise. “This is the (stuff) I think about.”

Being Tom Cruise in the fifth chapter of the high-octane Mission: Impossible franchise (in theaters July 31), the situation only gets more intense. Amazingly, Cruise strapped himself to an Airbus A400 for a stunt that put the Hollywood superstar outside the plane during takeoff and landing.

As the first trailer (to be released Monday) will show, the initial ascent is so steep that Cruise’s feet dangle precariously in the air.

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