Shoppers Are Obsessing Over This Anything-But-Basic Sweater — And It’s 40% Off

Here at Us, we are all about helping survive the tough stuff. So surely, we can more than relate when facing that battle: Getting dressed in the morning. It’s the toughest battle to date — always having to be faced first thing in the morning. More times than most, we’re always unarmed, unaware and off guard. Usually, it’s because we’ve just woken up and haven’t had time to fully open our eyes, but that is beside the point. Open-eyed or not, we are once again standing before our frenemy: The Closet.

Rummaging through the drawers filled with overflowing clothes, we’ve already given up hope and moved from the drawers to the racks. Despite having so many options, somehow we always seem to say, “I have nothing to wear.” Our closets have once again won the morning battle.

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