SHOCKING: The Top Five Miss Teen USA Contestants Are ALL White and Blonde

The top five Miss Teen USA contestants are so blindingly un-diverse, they could actually just be five of the same person and / or Carrie Underwood.

Before Miss Texas Karlie Hay won the competition last night, the pageant’s account posted a celebratory tweet with her final competition: Miss South Carolina Marley Stokes, Miss North Carolina Emily Wakeman, Miss Alabama Erin Snow, and Miss Nevada Carissa Morrow. Not only are they all white, but they also look so similar, I’m not even totally convinced they are different people. OK, based on this photo it is not impossible that one young woman is entering the competition over and over again under a series of aliases, then disguising herself by only slightly altering the shape of her eyebrows.

This mess comes after the pageant got good press for eliminating the swimsuit competition in favor of athletic wear, though clearly progress only goes so far. It’s also worth questioning how much attention the total lack of color among the winners would have gotten if Chrissy Teigen didn’t see the tweet and respond, “Wow how can we choose from such a diverse bunch.”

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