See the First Look at Disney’s Magical Roald Dahl Adaptation

The witching hour is upon Us! The BFG is the latest story from beloved British children’s author Roald Dahl to be adapted into a film, this time by Disney. On Wednesday, Dec. 9, the delightful first trailer was released, and it’s giving Us all kinds of goosebumps.

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See the First Look at Disney’s Magical Roald Dahl Adaptation.1

In the clip, little orphan Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) explains, “It was the witching hour, when the boogie man comes out, when people go missing. The girls say the witching hour arrives at midnight. I think it comes at three in the morning, when I’m the only one left awake.”

Cut to Sophie breaking her own rules of never getting out of bed and never going to the window. As she peers through her spectacles, Sophie sees a giant on the street below.

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She rushes to get back to bed, but he reaches through the orphanage’s window and snatches her up. That creature is later known as the BFG, or “Big Friendly Giant.”

The classic children’s book was originally released in 1982. Other Dahl adaptations include 1990’s The Witches, 1996’s Matilda, 1996’s James and the Giant Peach, and the two versions of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory from 1971 and 2005.


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