See the cover of Moïra Fowley Doyle’s YA debut The Accident Season

Moïra Fowley-Doyle’s haunting YA debut, The Accident Season, hits shelves on Aug. 18. EW has a first look at the cover for the highly anticipated standalone novel. (Click “enlarge” up top to see the full image.) “I wanted to write something dreamy, lyrical, and twisty, in which reality and fantasy are often indistinguishable, Fowley-Doyle told EW. “Weaving through The Accident Season are family secrets and forbidden love, tarot cards and typewriters, poetry and magic realism, culminating in a haunting masquerade ball in an abandoned house.”

Here’s the official description:

Every October Cara’s family becomes inexplicably and unavoidably accident prone. They stock up on bandages and painkillers; they buckle up, they batten down. They never leave the house without at least three protective layers. They’re afraid of accident season…

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