Secrets and Lies premiere recap: ‘The Fall’

Agent Cornell is back on the case — and there are plenty more secrets and lies

The second season premiere of ABC’s murder mystery, Secrets and Lies, has no shortage of secrets. The jury is still out on the lies. The first thing to note about this season — aside from the fact that Ryan Phillippe has made his exit from the series and left us with Juliette Lewis and her character’s stark facial expressions — is that the plot of season 2 is less about “Did he or didn’t he?” and more about “If he didn’t do it, who did?”

The episode throws us straight into a frantic Eric Warner (Michael Ealy) racing through the stairwell of a building, only to get outside to discover the lifeless body of his wife, Kate (Jordana Brewster). Kate fell from the roof while she, Eric, and a group of their coworkers were at a party celebrating Eric’s dad, John (Terry O’Quinn), passing the torch and giving Eric the key to his private equity firm.

Rushing outside right behind Eric is his father, his sister Amanda (Mekia Cox), his brother Patrick (Charlie Barnett), and Patrick’s wife, Melanie (AnnaLynne McCord).

As Eric sits on the ground with his arms wrapped tightly around Kate’s body, our trust ol’ Detective Andrea Cornell arrives on the scene along with her pantsuit and her overly aggressive mean mug. The first words she utters are “Who let the grieving husband contaminate my crime scene?” Nice to see that some things don’t change.

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