Salma Hayek looks alluring on ‘Allure’

When Mexican-born movie star Salma Hayek’s face smokes from newsstands later this month, some may wonder: Is this who Donald Trump is so mad about?

Hayek is on the August cover of Allure, looking especially alluring. The issue hits newsstands on July 28.

Salma Hayek looks alluring on Allure

Inside, she talks in an interview about her marriage to a French multi-billionaire (François-Henri Pinault), her latest movie project (producing and voicing a character in The Prophet, an animated film based on Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran’s book), and how she manages to look so youthful at age 48 (it might have something to do with her skin-care line).

So, your typical celebrity cover interview, right?

But it was done weeks ago, before New York billionaire Trump launched his Republican presidential campaign on June 16 by attacking Mexico for “sending” immigrants he broadly labeled criminals, drug dealers and rapists, with “a few good people.”

Since then, despite outrage from Latinos (and not just Mexicans) and pleas from embarrassed Republicans who harbor hopes of getting more Latino votes, he’s doubled-down and tripled-down on inflammatory rants about Mexicans as existential threats to the USA.

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