Robin Williams Has Been Gone a Year and It Still Doesn’t Seem Real: Why We Have No Plans to Let Go Anytime Soon

Robin Williams has been gone for a year. He died a year ago today, in fact.

And we defiantly refuse to accept it.

Because unlike his actual loved ones, we have the luxury of pretending that it’s not real, that he’s just off somewhere, making more movies. Plotting one of his rare gems of a standup special. Doing voices.

We all like to think that’s what he’s off doing, regardless, but the Oscar winner and star of half the movies we needed our parents to drive us to back in the day died on Aug. 11, 2014. And the fact that he took his own life? Mind-boggling.

We knew he had battled demons—substance abuse, depression—and we ultimately found out that, not long before he died, he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. And we read all the analysis that ensued: the hindsight, the signs, the tiresome burden that Williams placed on himself to always be on, even when it was almost impossible to just be. His death prompted a global discussion about suicide and mental illness that, one can only hope, ultimately saved lives.

And yet we can laugh at The Birdcage and quote Good Will Hunting to no end.

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