Robert Downey Jr. Hints at Iron Man’s About-Face in ‘Captain America 3’

Robert Downey Jr. has opened up about the future for Tony Stark, talking about the character’s journey from standing alongside the other Marvel heroes in this summer’s Avengers: Age of Ultron to facing off against Chris Evans’s Captain America in next year’s Captain America: Civil War.

“Age of Ultron feels like a beginning and an ending,” the actor told Empire magazine, saying that Joss Whedon’s second Avengers movie provides clues for Stark’s direction in the next Captain America movie — although he stops short of agreeing that Iron Man will be the bad guy in the intra-superhero punch-up.

“The idea of Tony being able to march into Washington and say, ‘I’ll sign up’, wouldn’t have made sense if the political climate in the real world hadn’t shifted the way it has,” Downey explained. “There’s always the bigger overarching question, that Joss brings up all the time – it’s kind of weird that these guys would have all these throw downs all over planet Earth and it looked like a little collateral damage happened over there, and yet when the movie’s over, it’s like nobody minds. You have to figure, ‘Were you to ask the question, what would the American government do if this were real? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Tony doing something you wouldn’t imagine?’”

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