Ridley Scott renames new Prometheus film to Alien: Convenant

Is it just a ploy to draw diehard Alien fans back into the fold? Whatever his motives, director Ridley Scott has settled on the title for his new film – Alien: Covenant.

Either way, fans remain uncertain about whether it will be more a sequel to the underwhelming Prometheus or closer to a prequel to the beloved Alien.

Scott revealed the title change last week but 20th Century Fox yesterday confirmed the change and that the working title Prometheus 2 had been scuttled.

The director told one blogger he had briefly run with Alien: Paradise Lost but that the Covenant title was here to stay. Fox released a new logo to demonstrate, plus what some have described as a “very confusing” plot synopsis.

The Alien franchise has been through some tough times and fans of the original 1979 film that Scott directed to much acclaim had high hopes for Prometheus when, after much anticipation, it finally came out in 2012. But it met mixed responses, and was described by one reviewer as the “best-looking stupid movie I’ve seen all year… sumptuously photographed, and often inane”.

As for Alien per se, after the first two films, subsequent additions were increasingly derided, especially when mashed into the Predator franchise.


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