Rejoice In Amy Schumer’s 7 Bonkers Vagina Jokes At The Movie Awards

If there was a running theme at Sunday night’s (April 12) MTV Movie Awards, it was that many of host Amy Schumer‘s jokes hit below the belt … her own belt, that is.

Yes, Schumer’s trademark naughty comedy was on fine display at the show in Los Angeles, and she was the butt — and crotch, as it turned out — of most of the jokes.


Here are seven of our favorite jokes Schumer made about her own no-no zone at the Movie Awards … and one Ansel Elgort made, though he wasn’t even there.

1.  “Magic Mike really is magic. Whenever I watch those guys, two of my fingers disappear. It’s so weird!”

2.  “These four presenters are doing their part by making it rain in my Spanx.

3.  “Looking at these guys, I’m the latest celebrity leak.”

4.  “Guess who bought a bottomless popcorn, hello! Mr. Grey will see me now!”

5. “I’ll show you to my seat. That’s, like, about my butt. You guys get it.”

6.  “Nice try, I lost my Diverginity when I was, like, 17.”

7.  “One, I have no gag reflex. Two, I can fly … guess how I convinced the crew to let me fly for no reason? Because the first superpower is real.”

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