Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Which OC Housewife Is the Ultimate Pot Stirrer?

Someone’s stirring the pot! The Real Housewives of Orange County dealt with backstabbing, hypocrisy, and a ton of gossip on the Monday, Aug. 10, episode as they concluded their trip to Tahiti. However, the source of all the drama seemed to be in figuring out who actually caused the most drama as the ladies sniped at each other in their attempt to figure out just who was conjuring up the most trouble. Whodunnit? Read the recap to find out!

Heather Dubrow

Rise and shine! Dubrow started the episode on by going into full mom mode in order to get an incredibly hungover Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson out of bed. The two ailing women put up a fight, with Judge asking Dubrow whether or not she had diapers because she couldn’t stop going to the bathroom. Dubrow was able to keep her cool, though, and informed both ladies that she had four kids and was prepared to do whatever it took to get them out of their beds and ready for action.

While Gunvalson went off to throw up, Dubrow and Judge were joined by Meghan King Edmonds and Lizzie Rosvek for a weird scuba driving trip of sorts. The adventure involved putting on a ridiculous looking helmet and getting repelled down to the bottom of the ocean to play with the fish and stingrays. While initially dubious, Dubrow decided not to think too hard about the science behind this weird scuba system and dove in. “At least I’m not drowning,” she happily exclaimed as she looked at the fish gathering around her.

Best Moment: “You’re such a dork, Dubrow!” was all Judge could say when Dubrow arrived to go swimming in full-on snorkel gear. Dubrow agreed with the assessment and happily waved her arms around before trading the snorkel gear for a bottle of her beloved champagne.

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