Read an excerpt from Rainn Wilson’s book

He’s gone from band geek to Backstrom, and nowRainn Wilson is going to share his socially awkward climb to stardom in a new memoir this fall.


Wilson, who made his name playing obnoxiousDwight Schrute on The Office, says it’s “always been my dream to write a book and be a published author. I always thought it would be a book a little bit more like Game of Thrones but I found it a lot easier to tell stories about being a total loser and climbing my way up the Amway pyramid of acting than telling stories about dragons and kingdoms and dwarves and whatnot.

“Publisher Dutton says Wilson, 49, will explain how he developed his “off-kilter sense of humor and perspective on life.” He’ll chart his journey from “childhood nerd to bassoon-playing band geek,” his “years of mild debauchery as a young actor in New York,” his audition for The Office and he’ll provide “the inside scoop” on the NBC hit.

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