I Was Raped By My Former Band’s Manager. One Year Ago Today I Spoke Up.

Dear Stanford rape victim:

I’ve been thinking about you a lot this week. Today marks the one-year anniversary of Huffington Post Highline’s publication of The Lost Girls, the story of my rape by the manager of my former band, The Runaways. Like you, I was unable to remember much of what happened to me. Like you, I had witnesses. And like you, I made headlines with my story.

In the days after the story broke, I had more support than I’ve ever had in my life. People I didn’t know wrote to thank me and to share their own stories of assault and abuse. I was invited to appear on television and radio and to speak at conferences.
But the world moves on to other stories and we’re left to deal with the fallout alone. That’s when the real battle begins. Rape is the gift that keeps on taking.

So when you have your bad days — which you will — I hope you will take stock of where we were a year ago and be encouraged by where we might be this time next year. Please don’t ever question whether you did the right thing. It might feel today like you relived the worst night of your life for nothing. But a year from now, when you look back and see how far we’ve come, you’ll know you had something to do with it. You’ll still wish the rape had never happened. But you’ll be glad you spoke up.

When my story broke last July, huge numbers of people were still calling the four dozen or so Cosby accusers liars. They called me a liar, too, despite confirmation of my story by half a dozen witnesses.

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