Omarosa Manigault Packed Her White House Office Days Before ‘Celebrity Big Brother,” Mark McGrath Says

On to the next! Omarosa Manigault may have left the White House in December, but she was still apparently packing away her personal items months later.
“She told us she was at the White House cleaning up her office like four days before she got in the house. So it was fresh, it was new. She was learning to reacclimate to this new world of Big Brother after coming off the White House,” Mark McGrath exclusively tells Us Weekly. “It was just all fascinating. And man, that woman knows how to turn on the drama and turn on the light. She’s just a star. She’s just an amazing human being and I’m so glad America hopefully got to see what I saw from Omarosa.”
Big Brother Showmances Through the Years
McGrath, 49, and Manigault, 44, appeared together on CBS’ Celebrity Big Brother. The reality star’s appearance left the cast shocked and intrigued — mainly because of details she would drop about her experience in the Trump administration.
“The crazy thing is she was in the situation room with Trump. She knows a thing about a thing or two but she likes to give information out. She’ll throw out a little juicy tidbit and you’re like, ‘Oh my God you’re kidding me?!’ And she’ll just leave it hanging there. And that’s what Omarosa kind of does,” he adds. “It’s like, Oh my God if I’m listening to this will the CIA be at my house at home? Like, what’s going on? She was a fascinating character.”
McGrath was just as impressed with Manigault when she stripped away her reality TV persona. “I was so happy to see Omarosa in her element. She just got out of the scrutiny of the White House and the bubble that is the White House and the security and all that and so when she got in the Big Brother house she let her hair down. And I hope they showed how much fun she is. She’s silly, she’s fun, she’s positive. She’s interested in other people. She looks you in the eyes. She’s interested about your family and career. She was a joy to be around. But she will turn on that Omarosa thing when she has to.”

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