Octavia Spencer has ‘huge shoes to fill’ playing God onscreen in ‘The Shack’

Talk about stepping up to the really big Hollywood film parts. You don’t get much bigger than God.

Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer tells USA TODAY she’s going to play God in the film adaptation ofWilliam P. Young’s best-selling novel, The Shack.

Yes, she’s a little daunted, even as heavyweights such as George Burns and Morgan Freeman have gone before her.

Spencer knows the role might bring some controversy in the film directed by Stuart Hazeldine.

Spencer spoke to us for an upcoming piece on her role in the action-franchise Insurgent.  The avid reader and author (Randi Rhodes: Ninja Detective series) says she was a fan first of both The Shackand the Divergent series before being cast.

She’ll start filming  next month. The Shack follows a man whose daughter is abducted and apparently brutally killed in an abandoned Oregon shack. Four years afterwards he receives a note, apparently from God, to return to that shack for the weekend.

Spencer says she’s not doing any special prep work for the role.

“You don’t prepare for God.”

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